Creativity – invention – innovation

Our world is currently facing major challenges. Innovations are the basis for using new products and technologies to open up methods for sustainable production and economic management. However, the new has to be thought through carefully first.

Progress emerges from the triad of creativity, invention, and innovation.

Creativity to overcome boundaries and to think freely and shape a useful way forward.

Research to search for causal links and then to formulate them in theories and models.

Development and implementation into products to solve the practical problems that people face.

When all these aspects come together, the prerequisites are met for successfully answering major questions for the future of humanity. In this spirit, Edeltraut Blickle founded the SEW-EURODRIVE Foundation in 1989.

It is the Foundation’s goal to encourage people both to preserve their success and also to repeatedly question what they have achieved, to review their own level of knowledge in a critical manner, and then to move beyond their own limits and to generate progress through innovations.

The main focus is always on people. Only humans have an awareness and natural intelligence; only humans can behave accordingly. Respecting people is our ethical duty, and at the same time gives us the certainty that the new is always born in the spirit of the inventors and is implemented through practical solutions for the benefit of humanity.

Ihr Jürgen Blickle