Jürgen Blickle receives the State Business Medal

On December 1, 2022, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Economic Affairs, awarded our Managing Partner, Jürgen Blickle, the Business Medal of the State.


The honors for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements and as thanks for special achievements in the economy of Baden-Württemberg were presented at a ceremony in the Neues Schloss palace in Stuttgart. In her personal speech of commendation for Jürgen Blickle, Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut acknowledged his entrepreneurial skills in making the family-owned company SEW-EURODRIVE the world market leader in drive and automation technology in its third generation.

“You, Mr. Blickle, have always placed a special emphasis on social commitment,” continued Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut, acknowledging the material and financial contributions that have repeatedly been made under his responsibility to local associations, social and charitable organizations, and educational institutions: “They include projects such as the lunch service of the Caritas Association for people in need, as well as financial support for the Bruchsal Civic Foundation and the new fire service building in the town of Bruchsal.”

Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut concluded her speech with the words, “Dear Mr. Blickle, your entrepreneurial and social activities are setting standards to this day. It is therefore a particular pleasure for me to award you the Business Medal today – congratulations!”